Tuesday, May 20

Whirling Dervishes

Carol, this post is for you. Suzy told me that you read my blog and it made me so happy, since deep down I still have a nagging feeling that not many people actually read it (like my supposed best friend who didn't read it for weeks & weeks ~ you know who you are, Suzy). So I dedicate this next post to you. Your gorgeous grandchildren came to visit yesterday, and while I do love them to the death, my house may never be the same. Combined with my own 2, plus an add-on niece, the 6 of them joined forces together to become one giant cyclone, toys & crayons flying out from their path. For most people this would be fine, but for someone with O.C.N.D. (Obsessive Compulsive Neatness Disorder) it was a little rough. Jack yelled "EMERGENCY" when Jake opened up the Lego table and started dumping out Lego's, and when Suzy explained to him that dumping out Lego's is not a "real" emergency, I had to disagree. These are my kids, they know me, and they know an emergency when they see one. I thought Suzy's eyes would roll out of her head when she actually got a look at our Lego table.

To truly appreciate the Lego table I have to explain. During our recent ant-war, when our house became occupied with enemy forces, the Lego table became covered with them. There was probably a droplet of juice somewhere that attracted them, but in the end I had to take out all 11,540 Lego's, wash them, and wash out the table and put them back. Since I had them out anyway I decided to separate them by color (first I was going to separate them by color AND size, but abandoned that idea quickly). So I spent 2 weekend nights (and a total of 4 hours - OK, I'm not proud of this) putting the Lego's into bags. So far the kids have been pretty good about putting them back into their proper bags after we build something, although I know that it is only a matter of time before they are all mixed together again, like what happens with Play-Doh within 3 minutes. So you have to tell your daughter that yes . . . . disorganized Lego's ARE an emergency! :-)

PS: Love ya Suz!


Suzy said...

I love you too Kurt!

Suzy said...

Today on Oprah: May 21st

Dr. Oz Goes to Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Camp

You might want to watch this one!

Kirsten said...

Although I wouldn't call the need to organize lego's a disorder, especially if I worked in a Lego factory, you know I will be watching Oprah!