Monday, May 19

Arthur LIVE on Stage

So I took the kids to see the Arthur LIVE on stage show yesterday, which was playing in Worcester at the Hanover theatre What can I say about that fabulous lovable aardvark and his cutey patuty sister D.W.? I laughed, I cried, I got up and danced. OK, I didn't cry, although I did tear up when I paid $30 for 2 spinning glowing Arthur wands. The kids loved the show, both of them, even though Jack admitted on the way that since he is 6 now, he may be bored. It was about Arthur and his 1st loose tooth. The tooth fairy was in it, and there was lots of fun stuff going on. It had a lesson of course. Because Arthur got $1 (thank you producers for not having the tooth fairy give him a 5!) for his tooth, D.W. tried to trick the tooth fairy to get money by putting a sharks tooth under her pillow. Arthur snuck in and took the tooth, leaving her his precious dollar in return. D.W. was happy about the money, but feeling guilty about tricking the tooth fairy, and ended up having Arthur hold onto the dollar for her until she really lost her tooth. All cute and great, what a nice brother Arthur is blah blah blah. On the way home I commented to Jack what a nice and thoughtful older brother Arthur was to do that for D.W., and he replied that he wasn't being nice, he just wanted D.W. to shut up about not getting a dollar already. It just goes to show that perspective is everything. I love it when I get a glimpse of what is going on in their little minds.

So it was a good way to spend a Sunday afternoon, they are both at such great ages to do stuff like this, finally. They have attention spans that last longer than 6 1/2 minutes, they can sit on their own, no one wears diapers or needs special bottles or snacks. I am not in a constant state of panic that one of them is going to just dart out of their seat and run onto the stage. I love it! I took them alone, since buying a $28 ticket for me to see Arthur was painful enough, I couldn't see paying that for Dennis to sit through it as well. I met up with a great girl Jen (well, woman I guess but I still don't think of us as "women" for some reason) that I work with and her 2 kids so it worked out perfect. It is so crucial to have that 1 other adult, so that if need be you can split up when 1 child needs to go to the bathroom/have a meltdown/get some air. The worst is when only 1 of your children has to pee but you have to drag the other one out of something really fun because of it, while they protest the entire time. In a perfect world all movie theatres that are showing kids movies would have a trained baby-sitter sitting in the back, just waiting for this reason. You could raise your hand or hit a switch or something and they would scurry down and sit with your child while you brought the other one out for whatever reason. That would be great!!!!! I think I would pay extra for a theater like that. McDonald's should have them too . . . . and amusement places . . . .and, well, everywhere we have to bring our kids solo actually.

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