Thursday, May 1

Spring! Out With The Old, In With The Ants

Ahhh, spring in New England, it is such a lovely time of year. Birds chirping, trees budding with new life, flowers sprouting, ANTS marching their way through my house like a bunch of unwanted annoying . . well, annoyances. While I love the end of winter, I seem to find myself in the same position every Spring, surrounded by piles of outgrown winter clothes, sorting through "might fit" summer-wear while simultaneously killing ants with bits of toilet paper. Nothing says Spring like a toilet filled with tiny ant corpses. I should be used to it by now, but every year I find myself surprised when I go into the bathroom on the first warm day to find about 25 ants having a party around my toilet. Why? Lovely . . . . and Abbey. Lord help us, she saw 1 ant on the seat and wouldn't use our upstairs bathroom for 2 days. I still have to go in with her to do an "ant" check.

As for the clothes, the same thing happens. I put away all the winter clothes that might possibly maybe fit next year, unload the summer stuff and then look around at huge piles of stuff. Stuff for friends, stuff for the Salvation Army, stuff for the trash that I can't even believe I let the kids wear! I feel like I am drowing in stuff . . so watch out Suzy & Pam, some of those piles are coming your way. ha ha

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