Wednesday, May 28


So, I can't decide if I like to watch Supernanny or not. Sometimes I watch it and I end up feeling quite superior, and like a damn good mother. Go me! Other times I sit there, and feel as though I had better get off my ass and implement most if not all of her techniques or I will be raising a couple of serial killers. What are your thoughts? Is Supernanny a wonderful show where you can pick up timeless and fabulous tips to help control your crazy brood, or a depressing example of what you should be doing, but aren't?

My question is this, is Jo Frost friend . . . . or foe?


Odd Couple said...

Kirst- Renate & I love your blog.
We couldn't stop laughing. Keep writing

Erin said...

I think Joe is a friend. I love it when she whips the parents, nevermind the kids, into shape! Although it is tough for all when the kid is screaming at the crowded restaurant and you must leave him be until he/she stops to teach them a lesson. I'd have to buy the house a round as well as a stiff double shot for me. My girl is still a baby not ready for her "lesson" yet but I know that day is coming and not only do I have the advice of Joe frost to lead the way I have the added advantage of Kirsten's experiences and hilarious inner monolouge that she so thoughtfully shares with us all, and I will know that I am not alone, never have been, never will be. Thanks Kirt!

Suzy said...

I'm so inadequite (sp?) as a parent!