Friday, May 9

Happy Mothers Day

Just wanted to give a shout out to all my peeps and say Happy Mother's Day! Hopefully your husbands won't forget or get you something loserish that you have never given any inclination of wanting (like say, jumper cables or a new weed whacker). Unfortunately, since most of our kids are way too young to gather up the change from their piggy banks, jump on their tricycles and ride to the store, we have to rely on our husbands to pull this day off. Scary. Personally, I would be happy with just a card, getting to sleep late and perhaps a Dunkin Donuts coffee & bagel. Oh, and of course total appreciation for everything I've ever done for this family, while my husband and kids wash the windows and organize their rooms, vacuum and clean up the yard, oh and of course I want to hear these blessed words ~ "Oh no honey, don't worry about making lunch, let me, you just lay on the couch and watch Lifetime T.V., can I get you another glass of wine? How about a grilled cheese sandwich?" Or even better "Bye hon, I'm taking the kids to my mothers and we won't be back for HOURS, love ya." I'm not holding out much hope for any of these things happening.

For my first mothers day Jack was only 3 weeks old. I was still in the sleep deprivation, sitting in a sitz bath, rubbing lanolin on my nipples stage of mothering, and feeling totally hormonal and unsure of myself. So my loving, wonderful, sensitive husband knew (you would think) that this would really have to be the Mother of all Mothers Days. So what did he do, that love of my life for the last 18 years??? He forgot. Got me NOTHING. Actually pulled over at CVS on our way that day to my cousin's house and said he just had to run in and grab me a card. While I waited in the car . . .what a romeo.

He has improved slightly over the years, although romance is not really his big thing, to say the least. The next year I got one of those Mother/Son Bears from Vermont Teddy Bear Factory (check out the pic above). Cute . . but really, more stuffed animals in our house? Last year he got up with the kids and made me breakfast in bed. Of course he cooked that breakfast (bacon & eggs) right at 7 a.m, then put in on the counter and they brought it up to me on a tray about 2 hours later. Yummmm, tasty.

So here's hoping for a Mother's Day for all that is a worthy thanks for all of the hard work we do all year long, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I think it is an impossibility. Smiles!


jenna said...

I guess it can't get worse than that, but usually when you say that, it does, sorry I am probably jinxing you! Happy Mother's Day!

Crazymom said...

Funny that on mother's day you can be reminded of another one of your duties... making sure your son grows up to be more thoughtful than his father. Sad... did you ever read the Berenstein Bears Mother's Day. Great Read, especially for Dads!