Monday, May 5

Poor Snow White

So, here is a recap of the conversation this morning with my 3 1/2 yr old daughter. "Mommy, Snow White doesn't have boobs sticking out of her dress but Cinderella and Belle do" Well . . . I told her that Snow White just had smaller boobs than other princesses (which ironically I never noticed before). Or maybe she just has a more modest dress? I'm not sure, but Abbey was very interested in why her boobs weren't falling (she actually said falling) out. Too funny. I explained that some women had big boobs, some small and some medium. She stuck out her chest and looked down, "small like me" and I told her how she was only a little girl, and she would get her boobs when she got older. She looked a little unsure but ran off to play soccer with the big round ball with the Princess pictures on it that started this whole conversation in the first place.

It was kind of hard not to crack up during this, although I understand her curiosity. I myself was totally intrigued when she got her first Barbie for her 3rd birthday. She had Barbies, old ones that used to be mine. We are talking about Barbies made circa late seventies, early eighties. These new Barbies looked weird to me. I couldn't figure out what was up with them, so naturally I undressed a "new" Barbie and laid it next to a naked "old" Barbie and examined them. Wouldn't you??? Anyway, new Barbie has a few very small differences. Her nose is a little bit flatter and wider, her neck shorter and her boobs smaller. Her waist is also thicker. I know they made all these changes to make Barbie look more "realistic" (yeah right, still doesn't look like me or anyone I know!) but the Mattel people did do a pretty good job. At least she would be able to walk upright if she were real. This is all good, but all the old Barbie clothes just don't fit right on these new chicks. Looks like they are going to need a whole new wardrobe ~~ good job Mattel!


Pamela said...

Ahhh, daughters, well I guess it beats yelling at your son to keep his hands out of his pants! Poor flatchested Snow White....LOL! I love these little glimpses of your reality Kirt!!!

aka ALi said...

Kirsten you rock! Can't wait for the next installment of "as the Ramsey's world turns"!

jenna said...

I realize that none of us may resemble Barbie's body, but what if you pieced us together???!!! Love the blogging- I feel like I am not as crazy because your world is just as crazy if not crazier!!!