Saturday, May 17


So, what a crazy week, what with illness and just too much stuff going on. To top it off, it was a total cluster week. We all have a cluster week I think. It is when holidays, anniversary's and birthdays are all within days of each other in one week. It started with Mothers Day, then my mother-in-laws birthday, followed 2 days later by my sister-in-laws, and then 2 days after that my father-in-laws. More importantly, 2 of my fabulous girls had birthday's this week, and I am ashamed to say that I didn't even get cards in the mail, phone calls made or even a simple "Happy Birthday" e-mail out to either of them. So, better late than never: ALI & JENNA ~~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ladies, I hope you both had fabulous days. I love you!!!

Thinking of my friends birthday's made me miss them, and miss the days when we saw each other every day in college. Most of us lived together, and those that didn't might as well have. Birthday's were huge events for us, and we always celebrated in style. Our best had to be Kelly's infamous 21st birthday, when we ran out of beer and had SO MANY people in our tiny little apartment that you couldn't get from one side of the room to the other. Remember the bedrooms??? A designated shot room and . . well, other fun stuff. The night ended with a huge cake fight, and even I (the total NEAT FREAK) didn't give a damn about the cake mashed into the rug (but hey, it wasn't really my rug . . . right? That frosting never did come out . . . ) I am still surprised that the police didn't join us for that particular shindig, but the rest of that story is for a different blog I think.

I am so proud that even after all this time (we've been out of college what, 3 years now? ha ha) that we still see each other and still manage our annual Girls Weekend away every year. I hope that every reader out there has a group of friends like this they can share their lives with, it is so important. I feel truly blessed to have these girls, and truly thankful. So, with then in mind, I am going to post this great poem that my wonderful friend Pam wrote for our 10 year anniversary after graduating.


Years go by each faster than the last
Through all life's changes we create our past
Weddings, children, and homes are all new
But come January it's time to renew

Our friendship began a lifetime ago
Every year we have a new place to go
To share our lives, goals, and dreams
Laughter makes us burst at the seams

I wouldn't trade in one single year
Whether it's champagne we're drinking or just beer
Friendship like ours is very rare
And amazingly it shows no sign of wear

We've seen each other through so much
Never letting ourselves lose touch
Every time we are together
We realize we will be close forever

Nine years have come and gone
The tenth is here, as is our bond
To my Westfield girls I raise my glass
With you, my friends, I have a blast



jenna said...

Thanks for the shout out Kirsten... was wondering how I was ging to get one!! Love this blog thing, you are FAN-TASTIC! We are all very lucky to have each other- I love and miss you all!!! jenna

Pamela said...

Aw, thanks for posting my poem....brought me right back to reading it aloud standing on my soapbox (aka: bed). We need a kid-free get together soon!!!