Wednesday, May 7


I had no idea that I had become so addicted to the computer until last night when we lost our phone & Internet service. I kept walking by, wanting to sit and quickly check my e-mail, or read a blog, or do some fantasy online shopping (where I fill shopping carts with things I don't intend to actually buy unless I hit the lottery). Instead I had to . . . gulp . . actually play with my children. It seemed like a long night too, we hit the park after I got home from work and Jack got home from school, but we still ended up having dinner on the early side, and had almost 2 hours to kill before bedtime hit. We played "Hullabaloo" which is a super fun game. I highly recommend it.

The park was pretty nice today, except for the sudden emergence of the black flies. The kids rode their bikes, but Jack had a wipe out and spent the rest of the time limping and whimpering. It was a pretty bad fall, resulting in a huge scraped and bleeding knee that required both antibiotic ointment, (ointment, don't ya love that word) and a giant bandage. The sad part is that the first thing I noticed and what I was truly most upset about was that he ripped his pants. They are practically brand new, only been worn maybe 3 times, and now they are basically ruined. Sure, I could sew them . . . but if you know me at all the thought of me actually sewing is laughable. First I would have to track down our 1 needle in the house, which I haven't seen since last summer when Dennis had to pull a splinter out of Jack's hand. Then I would have to find thread, which is usually used around here for wrapping things up or setting booby traps for people to trip over when walking down the hall. Come to think of it, I think we used it to create a zip line for Batman to fly down. Maybe if I can track down Batman he will have the thread . . . . . maybe he knows how to sew?

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