Monday, May 12

A Good Day

Well, Mother's Day turned out to be especially relaxing & good. Yay me! I spent Saturday with my own mother getting pedicures (THANKS mom!) and going out to eat with my Grandmother. I had only had 1 pedicure in my life up until now, so it was nice to do something for ourselves. I will admit it was hard to relax, my mom & I were both sitting upright soaking our feet, instead of lounging back in the chair in mediating fashion. Plus, I couldn't really understand the women much. "You want me to do what?? Feet in the water??? Both feet?? Oh, 1 foot, got it" and we cracked up when the older woman told my mother she would do her first because "You toes look hard, hard hard toes" My mom was actually wincing as she cut her nails and went at her with that pumice stick thingy. But in the end we have gorgeous toe-nails, which I will gladly show off at the town park and grocery store!

Sunday I got to sleep in, and my husband made me breakfast (not in bed, which is actually good because I don't really like to eat in bed, and not 2 hours early!) He even took the kids shopping on Saturday for cards & gifts, where I guess they debated greatly over whether to get me a new brush, but finally decided on a jewelry box so my stuff wouldn't be scattered all over my bureau. The kids even insisted they help me place ALL my jewelry into it immediately. I will admit that my husband lost steam throughout the day, like a marathon runner who starts off strong running with full might, but then finds themselves dragging ass mid-way by the time they get to the nice volunteers handing out water. I will admit that this was his best year yet, which means that he is improving with age and practice. It does help that the kids are older now and can help a little, and they were really excited about Mothers' Day (school must really play it up the week before). They both made me such adorable things in school. A special thanks to all those teachers out there who come up with the great ideas and help our little ones out.

Abbey gave me a beautiful magnet that looks like a butterfly with her picture in it, and she was so happy to tell me that she had made it all on her own, while Jack was super proud of his home-made giant card, with flowers coming out of the top, where he had written "I lub you mom" in huge letters. It really doesn't get any better than that.

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