Wednesday, April 7

Farewell . . . For Now

Well, it has been quite a while since I blogged. So long in fact that my ad's on the side were discontinued and Blogger sent me a message wondering what the hell had happened to me. Life has been busy, of course we all get busy, and I most definitely got out of the blogging mode. I even stopped reading other people's blogs. In some ways I didn't want to reminded of my own non-writing phase. But life happens, first my uncle became very sick, and after fighting in the hospital for 3 weeks he passed away. I didn't want to blog about what was happening, but it felt wrong somehow to ramble on about anything else, hence I just didn't write at all. Then there was the usual scouts and dance and taekwondo. I have been getting more and more involved in the PTO and put on a "Mother Son" night at Jack's school, involving 3-legged races, tug of war and other such activities. THAT event took up a lot of my time and coincidentally gave me an eye twitch that began about 2 weeks before the actual event until it was over. Then I hosted Easter, and now baseball and tee-ball are starting and the weather is getting nicer. Iack's making his First Communion and its time to pull out the bikes and the gloves and the balls, the sunscreen and the bug spray. No time to be sitting indoors writing. Lately while at home there have been days when I haven't even turned ON my computer at all. No e-mail, no Facebook. Nothing. It feels nice. It's amazing how much you can accomplish when the computer screen is black. I've heard from a few friends that they miss my posts and want me to write again. Who knows, maybe I will someday, but for now though I think this is the end for a while. It felt unfinished and wrong to just leave it hanging there with "Parenthood" as my last post, although I guess in some ways it was fitting. I didn't want to just sign off though without saying thank you, thank you, thank you to the readers. Those of you who read what I wrote all the time, without judgment. You left nice comments and buoyed me up more times than I can count. I enjoyed writing so much, but once it began to feel like a job I knew it was time to put it to rest. Who knows? Six months may pass and I may pick it up again, or maybe I will put it all together some day and make it into a book. So watch out for "Notes From A Human Napkin" on bookstore shelves everywhere . . . yup . . . in my dreams.

Ta ta ~~