Friday, October 10

A Lifetime Ago

9 years ago I got a restful nights sleep at my parents house, uninterrupted and blissful. Last night I was awoken at 1 am by that feeling of someone breathing in my face, and awoke with a start to find Jack standing there, complaining of an earache.

9 years ago I started the day having my hair done by a very tiny Russian girl who spent 2 hours putting it up on the crown of my head in gorgeous curls. Today I started the day calling the school to let them know that Jack was sick and would not be in, followed by a call to the doctor.

9 years ago my bridesmaids helped me into my beautiful white princessy wedding dress, and then a limo picked me up to bring me to the church. Today I pulled on my one pair of jeans that aren't tight, a top with a stain on it and ugly shoes for a trip in my mini-van to the pediatrician.

9 years ago I was the center of attention. All eyes were on me and people waited on me. Today I was not the center of attention and 2 pairs of little eyes were on me a lot, and they kept asking me to do stuff for them and get them food and drinks.

9 years ago I had a choice of Prime Rib or Stuffed Chicken for dinner, with a champagne toast. Tonight I had pizza and wine.

9 years ago I danced with my new husband with a sparkle in my eye and a spring in my step. Today I haven't done any dancing with my husband. Actually, it is now 8:29 and he's not even home from work and come to think of it I really haven't seen him at all today.

9 years ago I looked forward to leaving on my honeymoon the next day. 10 straight days soaking up the sun with my husband in Florida, just the 2 of us. Tomorrow I am not looking forward to getting up early to bring Jack to a 9 am soccer game.

There really isn't much that is the same as it was 9 years ago. I did spend the afternoon with Suzy and the kids today, and I did spend that afternoon 9 years ago with Suzy too . . . . . . although luckily she didn't have 3 children with her at my wedding reception. Hmmmmm. Not exactly the same but close. I do love my husband the same today as I did the day I married him, even though he acts like a child much of the time and does many, many, many things to annoy me. We are older and wiser (well, I am) now, but I know as much today as I did that day 9 years ago that he loves me more than the world, and for that I am grateful.

(Not as grateful as I would be for a full nights sleep and to fit into that wedding dress again, but still . . . )


Suzy said...

Looking forward to 9 more!

CaitRenee said...

Happy 9th!

Pamela said...

Happy Anniversary Kirt!!! I can't believe it's been 9 years!

Pizza & wine doesn't sound so bad...maybe you can get out (just the 2 of you) on an upcoming weekend!

Regardless, congrats, ENJOY!

Anonymous said...

Great post. Now let's see...
9 years from now you will have a
13 yr. old daughter and a son with dreams of having his drivers license. Time flies when we're having FUN.
Carol Borowski

Kirsten said...

As for the above comment, all I can say is . . . gulp. . . . . .

Erin said...

That's sweet!