Wednesday, October 29

Is It Wednesday Already?

Continuing my weekly un-slumping project, I paid my scale a visit this morning. I was expecting disaster because I didn't exactly do as good this week as last. I went on my treadmill 4 times, but hardly stuck to my points. I did lose .6 (that is 0.6, like 1/2 a pound, not 6 which would mean my scale was probably broken) but I'll take it! I am considering it a gift and vow to get back to my points this week. I am a totally out of control portion person. If left to my own devices I would eat about 4 times the recommended amount of any food (except vegetables, I like to eat the exact serving size of those, I do have some control over myself).

On another note, today was a much better day. I didn't throw food at anyone! Yay me.

1 comment:

Pamela said...

Hahaha, Glad you were able to hold onto your Jello today.

Congrats on the weight loss too!!!