Sunday, October 19

Fire Safety

I don't know about the rest of you, but for us October (as well as being Breast Cancer Awareness month) is also some sort of fire safety month in our towns. Both the kids had fire safety at school, and in Abbey's preschool the fire truck came to visit and they all got fire hats, did fire projects, yada yada yada. Today they were playing "fire rescue." This involved Jack (wearing the fireman's hat) "rescuing" Abbey from the fire in our house. They wanted me to also evacuate but since I had just gotten out of the shower, had soaking wet hair and was wrapped in a towel I refused. But I noticed something kind of funny about them. First, why did Jack have to be the fireman while Abbey was the damsel in distress? Who teaches them this? Then I saw that as Jack was rescuing her that she had something in her hands. She was "saving" her plastic container filled with her jewelry. Not her babies, or her dogs or bears or stuffed whatevers, her jewels! Cracked me up.


Pamela said...

The girl knows what matters!!! Kidding of course, but that IS funny!

Fire safety is in the air, Damon came home full of all sorts of info & wanted to be sure I knew what I should do in case of a fire. I think it made him nervous more than anything.

noexcuses said...

It is fire safety here,too! Last week, our fire alarm went off twice on Tuesday and once on Wednesday (and none of those is the "surprise" visit from the Fire Safety guys). Each time the whole school evacuated for about 1/2 hour. We couldn't go back in until all clear from fire dept. Turns out that someone flushing a toilet near the pool area set off a sprinkler somewhere else, which then set off the alarm. The kids loved it!

I know what you mean about role playing. I have a pre-school pic of my daughter in full fire gear. It's a riot!

Love your blog!