Tuesday, August 12

Yet Another Use For Anti-Monkey Butt

Abbey did something really helpful today. I was just thinking it was probably time to replace our toothbrushes because it is one thing I do every 3 months (griminess on my brush gives me the heebie jeebies). This drives my husband crazy, because he doesn't like change, and when I change his toothbrush he gets all confused. For days I hear "Hey, is the red one mine again, or the blue? What about this Strawberry Shortcake one? Is this mine?" OK, not exactly that confused, but close. But now I don't have to replace them, because Abbey washed every single one of our brushes in the sink with a wonderful concoction of water, soap, body spray and half the can of Anti-Monkey Butt. Now our brushes are super shiny & clean. Phew, that saves me a trip to the drugstore.


crazymommy said...

Hey Abbey can come over and clean my house any day she would like!!!!

Pamela said...

hahahaha, just catching up on your blog, this is hysterical! LOL!