Wednesday, August 20


"I didn't do it, it's her fault!"
"He hit me!"
"Stop it's my turn to say my words!"
"She pushed me first!"
"He's poking me!"
"She's laughing and it's not funny!"

The children have been bickering like an old married couple, while alternatively hugging and laying all over each other, loving like the best of friends. It is hot and cold, fire and ice with these two lately. All the togetherness has taken it's toll. Besides one week mid-summer when they each went to separate camps, Jack and Abbey have spent their summer together. To the lake, together. The zoo, together. Grampy's house, together. Park, together. Outings, together. On and on and on it goes. I am usually with them as well, but I do have work and an occasional break for mental health reasons, but for some reason we may forget that children. . . siblings. . . need a break from each other just as much as we do. In regular life we do not spend every waking moment of the day with our spouses, thank the Lord, and if we did we definitely wouldn't like it. So in this regard I can safely say that I am more than ready for summer to wrap up and the school year to begin. Jack will head into first grade next week, away from his family (and most importantly his sister) for 7 hours, 5 days a week. When he returns they will hug and be grateful to see each other, for the first 2 - 3 minutes, anyway.


Anonymous said...

Six days, seven hours, 30 minutes and 15 seconds. I dont think I can take much more sibling "togetherness" as you call it.

missy said...

you have described my every day. Now that Lexi has started school the peacefulness lasts 4 hours twice a week and then for almost a half hour when she gets home and then it's back to fighting over toys and "no it isn't, yes it is" etc, etc, etc.
Another plus - I had forgotten what it was like to run errands with only 1 - it was like heaven to go to target today

Theresa said...

Good point. I'll remember that fact about spending time together ALL THE TIME. We call Amanda and Daniel "Tom and Jerry". Then they fight over who is Tom and who is Jerry.

Daniel is going in to first grade also. I don't know if I told you that before.

Love Theresa

Anonymous said...

This picture is great. Could Abbey roll her eyes anymore then that??
-your brother