Thursday, August 7

Too Much Bother

I just can't seem to stop playing with myself over here, whoops, that didn't sound too good. You may notice that I have changed my look again. Sorry to all of you out there who have trouble embracing change, but I think the white was just a little too boring.

So am I getting old? I had the chance to go to the Jack Johnson concert last night but had to pass because it was just too much bother. Bother? A few years ago I wouldn't have let "bother" stop me from a concert, but now I do. I'm sure I would have had a BLAST once I got there (a giant shout out to the girls who did make it to the concert, thanks for the nice words and compliments ladies, I love that you are reading!) So I should have put in more effort, but it really was way too much bother. I am working an extra day this week, which means I had to find child care for 1 extra day already. Dennis doesn't get home until after 8 each night because he works the STUPID and RIDICULOUS shift that he loves and I HATE of 12-8. That means I would have had to find someone to watch the kids until 8 (my mother probably, and I'm sure she would have loved it after spending the entire day with screaming kids at camp) and then Dennis would have had to put them to bed which he can do, but he does badly. His motto is that since it is summer they should just be allowed to stay up as late as they want, even though they are 6 and 3! Men!

All of this is besides the point anyway, because the truth is that I actually pretty much forgot about the concert, and fell asleep at 9:30 while laying down with Jack. So in a way I guess I did spend my evening with Jack, just the wrong damn one!


crazymommy said...

OK... so I have no idea who Jack Johnson is... so I used your google link and found him. Apparently he did a Curious George soundtrack (cool!!) However I still dont know who he is... but cool feature.

Kirsten said...

Thanks, hopefully everyone will use that Google Search! And yes, his Curious George Soundtrack is awesome, we listen to it all the time at home.

mkaton said...

I do like this better than the white - sorry about the concert. I can't actually remember the last concert I went to or actually adult music I listened too - SAD