Wednesday, August 27

Edging Back To Normal

I was going to post yesterday and entitle it "Hand, Foot and they might fire my Ass" but never got around to it. Today I am back at work and thoroughly enjoyed my coffee and bagel this morning in peace and quiet. Everyone seems to be on their way back to healthy and I will be happy to stop making multiple meals trying to find something that the kids can eat that doesn't bother their mouth sores. Meals that they couldn't eat that ended up where? Where do you think? Down my gullet. Scrambled eggs still hurt your mouth, I'll eat them. Chicken noodle soup too salty, don't want to waste it. Pudding too cold? (too cold???) No problem, tastes great.

So the school year has gotten off to a bumpy start, with Jack missing his first day of first grade yesterday. He was so distraught, he watched the bus go by and just looked pathetic. I was pretty distraught myself, after having been in the house for 6 days straight dealing with the cocksucker virus, I had had enough! But today he was well enough to go, not 100% better but good enough. Every time the phone rings though I am expecting it to be the school. "Excuse me, but did you know your son is still sick? Why would you send him to school like this you sadistic uncaring fool?" But so far, so good.

Waiting at the bus stop this morning he was excited, nervous and extremely shy. Last year the bus picked him up and dropped him off at the end of the driveway, which was great for us. Now that he is a big first grader he has to go to the "official" bus stop down the road with the other kids. It will be fine I'm sure, once he gets into the swing of it. We are just not used to interacting with others that early in the morning. At least he only has to stand there, I had to make chit chat with the other mothers. Not that I mind, I can mingle with the best of them. I do wonder about shy mother's though. How do they do it? Do they have anxiety over every play date, every trip to the park? God bless them, I guess you just have to grin and bear it.


Anonymous said...

Laughing my ass off that you called it the cocksucker virus, although, I don't remember you calling that before...

Pamela said...

I hope the cocksucker virus stays away from MY house....sounds scary!