Sunday, August 10

Memories of Atlanta

I love when the Olympics are on. Not that I watch much of it or anything, but there's something about the fact that it is just on. And whenever you want to check in, poof, there it is. I always think of Mary Lou Retton, flipping and twisting amazingly around on the mat. Also, I'm probably dating myself, but watching always makes me think of another gymnast. The year, 1996. This was an all-around great year for me. I graduated from college and landed my first job (ironically, it is the same job I still have). I was 22, soon to be engaged, living at home again with my parents. I can remember it like it was yesterday, I was in my old bedroom doing leg lifts (even when I used to exercise way more, I still could never get below a size 10!) I was watching the gymnastics competition at the Olympics in Atlanta, being that gymnastics and diving are the only 2 events I did and still like to watch. Its quite sad, but I can remember all those girls. They were called the "Magnificent 7" and it seemed like they were everywhere. McDonald's ads, coke ads, cereal boxes . . . underwear and tampons probably. Shannon Miller, Dominique Moceanu, Dominique Dawes, Kerri Strug, Amy Chow, Amanda Borden and Jaycie Phelps. And Kerri Strug hurt her ankle but still nailed the vault, and that Russian or Romanian coach, Bela Karolyi had to carry her off. It was historic, awe inspiring. It made me want to run out and become a gymnast at the age of 22. What? It could still happen.

In other Olympic worthy news, Jack is RIDING his bike, sans training wheels (and with no help from me I might add). Dennis worked with him a little, but he must have just been ready because within 10 minutes he was off. I should learn by now that no matter how hard I push and plead, he does everything at his own speed, when he is ready. That bike has sat next to the shed since our failed attempts in the spring, collecting cobwebs and looking sad and forlorn, and then boom ~ Jack decided that today was the day. No training wheels, starting the first grade in a little over 2 weeks . . . sniff sniff. There is no stopping him now!
In other non-Olympic non-bike riding news, it is insanely sunny outside right now, but thundering like a mother. What the????

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