Sunday, August 24

Kids In The Shoe

While Abbey has been sick she has been wanting to watch this old DVD we have. My parents picked it up for Jack about 3 years ago after he became obsessed with Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer. Unfortunately, when we got it home and put it on it wasn't at all the Rudolph from t.v. but a strange assortment of old cartoons from the 30's. One of them was this semi-creepy cartoon of the Old Woman Who Lived In The Shoe. I had forgotten all about it until now, but it makes me laugh my ass off. All of the cartoons are a riot, and involve the characters smoking and even a parrot drinking beer. Amazing what they used to get away with! I had to share this one with you so after some careful investigation I found the exact cartoon on You Tube (you can find anything these days). So check it out (just click on the title "Kids In The Shoe" above) and be prepared to laugh.


Theresa said...

I watched all that stuff too. I think Spongebob is nasty but guess what my six year old LOVES? It is the one show that I will actually keeps him quiet so I can post.

Are you still doing the OHM? Michelle hasn't posted about it lately. Did I miss something?


Jen said...

So funny! I remember this exact cartoon from when I was little! And no I wasn't born in the 30's! LOL! :D