Friday, August 22

Plans, Interruptous

Weekend Scenario Number 1:

Go to work
Dennis drops children off with Grammy and Grampy for weekend at the lake
After work leisurely go to the grocery store
Go home, work out on treadmill, take a long long shower
Primp forever and actually get hair to look good
Go out to romantic long overdue dinner with husband
Continue Saturday with productive yet slow paced day of chores intermittent with bouts of laying in the sun on the deck reading a book

Weekend Scenario Number 2:

Abbey comes down with Coxsackievirus, otherwise known as Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease
Jack heads to the lake alone, Abbey cries piteously because she can't go even though she is all packed
Go to Dollar Store to make sick child feel better about missing out on great weekend fun
Spend day playing Go Fish, Barbies, painting, coloring, Memory
Feel slightly sorry for self for missing out on great night so compensate by eating raw cookie dough from the fridge previously purchased to bring to birthday party on Sunday which we will now be cancelling

So, have a great weekend everyone.

1 comment:

Theresa said...

I ate cookie dough too about 2 weeks ago when I was boo-hooing about some something.

I hope she is feeling better. Sorry to hear that your plans got halted.