Friday, August 1

How Much Is Your Blog Worth?

My blog is worth $22,017.06.
How much is your blog worth?

So, this was pretty cool. I found this new site that can tell you how much your blog is worth. I figured my blog wouldn't be worth too much, but wow! I can't believe it. I checked out some of the blogs I read regularly to see comparatively what they are worth. Manic Mommy's is worth $43,469.58, Michelle's over at My Semblance of Sanity is worth $40,646.88 and Dawn's blog over at Because I Said So is worth a whopping $304,851.60.

OK, I'm totally lying. This wasn't even for my blog. I just wanted to make myself feel better, because

Nothing? $0.00???? Its insulting. I mean, I knew it wouldn't be up there in the thousands range, but $0.00? I'm not sure exactly how the site comes up with this amount, or what you have to do to raise it, but however they do it mine is worth zero. Nothing. Nada. It's actually a little bit depressing and makes me want to go and eat a GARGANTUAN bag of Tostitos. I won't though. I'm strong and I'll muddle along with my little blog because I know that you, my devoted 10 or so readers, think it is worth at least a buck.


Liam said...

Don't feel so bad... mine's worthless too... at least to this widgit... gyp!

Kirst said...

Thanks Liam, you're right, I won't feel bad. :-)

mkaton said...

from all the comments I've seen along the way, it is obvious that you have way more than 10 readers and just so you know you yourself are worth more than any dollar amount and I love ya!

Manic Mom said...

Whoa! I just came over here to tell you a little secret, and I see you've RANKED my blog!!! I can't believe I am worth that much! LOL! How do they figure that stuff out anyway? That's funny! And you are SOOO worth more than that. This is a crap test. I am not buying it!

Anyway, you are at least worth 25 bucks--stop over at Manics to see why ...

: )

Pamela said...

Hey Kirt!
It's Saturday night, and though I DO have a nice delicious 'Cape Codder' next to me, I am sitting in, reading YOUR BLOG!!! Now, either that means you're highly entertaining, and worth much more than those fools estimate, OR I am worthless too....let's HOPE it's the first! I love reading your stories...I hear your voice narrating them as I read, which makes it even better. Keep it up!!! You ROCK!