Wednesday, July 16

Strength In Numbers

For those of you who know me you know that I am always half-heartingly trying to lose weight. I try for a few days, then get hungry and stop for a while. Try again, get hungry. You get the idea. Anyway, Michelle over at My Semblance of Sanity, one of the bloggers that I read religiously, has started a lose weight together type of thing. If you feel like checking it out and getting in on the losing bandwagon with us, go to this link and join us. I plan on checking in every Tuesday with everyone else to chart our progress. Sorry for the short post tonight but I just received my "Party of Five Season 3, Disc 3" in the mail from Netflix and I want to start watching it. Can you blame me? Everyone knows that Season 3 was the best, when Kirsten has a nervous breakdown and goes into that great depression, and Bailey becomes an alcoholic and they have the whole intervention thing before he crashes his beloved jeep with Sarah in it. Ahhh, loved that show. So happy it has been released on DVD.

Don't make fun of me, OK?


Pamela said...

I LOVED Party of 5 too....I may have to join Netflix to revisit Charlie, Bailey, Claudia and....shoot....what was Neve Campbell's character's name??? SHOOT....I forget!

Good luck in the weight loss group...hope they do a better job of tracking the pounds than we did! : )

Kirst said...

Come on, Julia. How could you forget Julia. I still love Party of Five but forgot how much everyone CRIES in that show. And Bailey ALWAYS looks like he is about to cry, even when he's not. Even when he is like, wrestling.