Sunday, July 13

Family F.U.N.

Back home from the campground! We had a fantastic vacation which cannot possibly be summed up with one simple post. All I can say is 20 family members plus 1 cottage plus 2 trailers plus 3 bathrooms equals 1 hell of a good time. I am finally alone and able to sit down at the computer, Dennis having taken the kids swimming at his sisters because they did not spend nearly enough time in the water this week. Here is what went down over the past 7 days.

Adults = 14
Children = 6
Generations in attendance = 4
Beds = not nearly enough
Fights with my husband = 2
Campfires = 10
Hot dogs = many
Marshmallows toasted = 22 at least
Falls = 2 (b.t.w., neither were done by children)
Go Carts on the track inhabited by us = 9
Nice dinners out without children = 1
Margarita's = 6
Approximate beers consumed = 180 (whoa, we might have a problem)
Smirnoff Ice's = 24
Boxes of wine (so, we like boxed wine!) = 4
Glasses broken = 1
Hours spent swimming in the lake = 35
Dives off the dock = dozens
Blocked ears by this writer = 1 (going on 8 days now)
Rainstorms = 3
Puddles jumped in = 8
Bug bites received = 127
Bottles of sunscreen = 1
Pitchers of lemonade drunk = 13
Fights over the ridiculous X-box = 7
Fish caught = 16
Quiet = None
Pages read in my book = 1.5
Loads of laundry done since I've been home = 6
Walks around the lake done by me & Colleen = 1.5
Walks around the lake done by those of us who really walk = 6
Times my children had soap touch their bodies = 1
Pedicures = 4
New trailers bought = 1
My score in mini-golf where I kicked ass = 49
Little boys named Jack who learned how to swim = 1

Spending 168 hours straight with your entire family = priceless

Phew . . . I am ready to head back to work tomorrow exhausted. I love vacation and I love the campground, and it goes without saying that I LOVE my crazy family, but I am always happy to return home. I have this thing where I have to clean my house from top to bottom before we go anywhere, which my husband finds ridiculous but I find necessary. I just love coming home to a nice clean house, and since we have only been home now for a day it still hasn't had a chance to get really messed up again. I especially love my floors, my nice clean floors. Spending 7 days in a cottage where the floor is constantly gritty with sand & pine needles, I relish in the fact that I can walk without having stuff stuck to the bottom of my feet. Now I am off to make something to cook in my oven because if I have one more thing cooked on the grill right now I may puke.


Pamela said...

Sounds like you guys had a GREAT vacation!! Who bought a new trailer??? And are you a member of the group that 'actually walks' too? Cool pics, I love Abbey's water wings!!! PRICELESS!

Kirst said...

My aunt & uncle got a nice brand new trailer. Jack kept saying to my mother "wow, that trailer is way nicer than yours. can you get a trailer like that? it has a flatscreen t.v. in it. where is your's?" nice huh. And no, I was not a part of the walkers mostly because they walked at like 7 am. ha ha :-)

crazymommy said...

What happened to the other half of the walk around the lake? Did you get hot and jump in for a swim... or did you call someone to come pick you up?!?!?!

Kirst said...

No crazy, one day we walked all the way around but the other we walked like a quarter and then turned around and came back the same way. I suppose we could have swum. . . probably would have been better exercise!