Saturday, July 19

Shower Boy

Abbey started showering about a month ago. Not like before that she was just dirty all the time, obviously she had tubs, but she informed me one day that now that she is "grown" (you know, 3 1/2 and all) that she will only take showers. Fine. I actually love it because I am not crouching over the tub, hurting my back and getting all wet washing her. She washes herself because she does everything by herself and I just pop my arms in to wash her hair. Ahhh, lovely. But Jack, my GIANT of a 6 year old, still took tubs only because he doesn't like water on his face, or so he claimed. Now, since summer started I have begun to notice that he is spending about 90% of his time in the water underwater, with those ridiculous looking goggles that cover your whole face including your nose. He does flips and swims and handstands, never above for more than the few seconds it takes to ensure proper air supply. Tonight I suggested that he take a shower, and told him that he could wear his goggles in there. He looked skeptical for a second and then decided to give it a try. All I can say is Hallelujah! He washed himself and I just had to control the water temp a couple of times. I will admit he looked a little foolish, but who cares. It was much quicker than a tub and so much less work for mommy. Another day, another small step into independence.

On a side note I stubbed my toe so badly that I believe that it is broken. I've never broken a toe before so I can't be sure, but it feels broken. This has nothing to do with showers or kids, but I just wanted to share, because it hurts. Speaking of things that are broken, as in broken dreams, the whole family took a drive to the Ford dealership today to look at new trucks for my husband. The poor man is driving an old Crown Vic with bad tires, a check engine light and no inspection sticker. His other option is his 13 year old truck which runs, mostly. Anyway, living in the dreamworld that he does, he was pretty sure he could get a good deal on a truck that we could afford because really, who in their right mind would buy a truck now with the price of gas the way it is. He figured they would practically be giving the things away. Ummm, not exactly. He's not the best with math but figured we could make it work. I of course went along with him and then had to be the one to crush his spirit and hope for life with cold, hard financial facts. The salesman told us that no, even with their incentives and trade-in's and fancy smancy deals that they did not have any trucks like he wanted in stock, new or used that we could finance for less than $300 a month. Surprise, surprise. He is outside right now cleaning the mold out of his 1995 Bronco.


mkaton said...

I have to admit I never thought of having them shower themselves - great idea! Instead the 3 of us squish into our little stand up shower each morning with the toys and get everyone clean. Try to picture me shaving my legs!

Dee said...

Thanks for sending me your blog link! I love it!