Thursday, July 24

Limbless Wonders

If you like to talk to tomatoes
If a squash can make you smile
If you like to waltz with potatoes
Up and down the produce aisle

Then we've got a show for you.........

My kids LOVE Veggie Tales, and don't get me wrong, I like them too. They teach morals and wonderful lessons about life and tell stories from the bible, what's not to like? In fact, they are so wholesome that I am always surprised that the kids actually like to watch it. Believe me, they are as addicted as ever to that quirky yellow sponge that lives under the sea, but I like that they get a dose of "goodness" every once in a while. As with all things that the kids really get into, we have been on a Veggie Tale kick lately, getting videos out from the library and from Netflix. But I can only take so much. I can grasp the concept of cucumbers and asparagus hopping around with hats & clothes on, but it's when they carry things that freak me out. They don't even try to pretend they have arms for this, and the basketball or suitcase or whatever it is is just floating in the air next to them. I find this totally unnerving and have trouble getting past it, so I usually just don't watch. The kids on the other hand, they get it. Obviously, they don't need arms to play baseball or eat spaghetti, it just is. So, they BLAST the theme song and dance around the room and sing other songs from the show too. The newest one seems to only have 2 lines (although I am sure there are more that they don't recall). It goes something like "God is bigger than everything, God is bigger than . . godzilla." They sing it over and over and it's only mildly starting to get on my nerves. I tried to change it up and sing stuff like "God is bigger than our house, God is bigger than . . . a little mouse" but they didn't like that. I was informed that wasn't the way the song went and I am not allowed to change it. Okey dokey. I guess I should know better than to mess with the classics!

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