Wednesday, July 23

International Coleman Day

When I first started reading these "mommy" blogs the first one I read was Because I Said So, which is how I learned about other blogs, as well as a couple of Carepages ( Carepages (like Caringbridge) are where parents post information about their children who are fighting diseases, to keep everyone up to date and also (I believe) as a great form of "writing therapy." One day there was a link to a 4 year old little boy's Carepage who has cancer, named Coleman Larson. I have to say that I got totally hooked. His mother really opened up and let us into her world, a world that I am grateful every day that I don't have to experience firsthand. When I started reading back in March Coleman had just undergone a stem cell transplant and I read along through his recovery and healing, moving out of the hospital and eventually back home again. I have to mention that he also has an adorable twin brother, Caden, who seems really energetic and mischievous and reminds me a lot of my own Jack. I'm not sure why I kept reading Peggy's (that's his mom) posts, but I just couldn't stop and kept hoping that one day I would read that she had really wonderful news, really fabulous news that Coleman was well and healthy and she was shutting down the Carepage. But that hasn't happened. Things have been going well for them though, Coleman has a lot more energy and she keeps writing about all the fun they are having now that they are home from the hospital and done with treatment, and all the "normal" things she is so glad they are able to do. She's even grateful for yelling at them. Imagine being grateful that you can yell at your child? I hadn't before, but now I am grateful. I'm grateful for every time-out that I can give them, every hug & kiss, every book I can read them, every exasperated sigh I have over their antics. It's too easy to forget that their are mother's out there who would give anything for that sigh. So my heart broke a bit earlier this week when I read that Coleman's recent MRI & Spinal Tap showed that the cancer is not gone. It's still there after chemo and radiation and a stem cell transplant. I don't know what their next step is, but I pray that whatever it is, it will cure him once and for all. The family is in Iowa City now, meeting with the doctors. In the meantime please just add this little boy to your prayers. I also wanted to post what I read today.


Friday, July 25 at 11:00am

Please - I am asking all of you out there to send everything you have (prayers, hugs, thoughts) to Team Larson on this Friday at 11:00am. The power of prayer (collectively) can help them right now. Please pass this message along to everyone. And remember to hug your children or anyone close to you !! Thanks for your help
Scott and Peggy - we are right here with you !!

And while I have you all held captive and am demanding prayers, I would also like everyone to send prayers and good thoughts and good karma and whatever else is out there to my Uncle Joe. You are brave and strong and good, and please know that the whole family is behind you, fighting with you. (In spirit, obviously, because if all of us were actually there with you every day Aunty Jeanne would probably go bananas!)


Anonymous said...

Is there a way to e-mail you? I, like you, have been completely pulled into Coleman's world. I cry almost every day for this little boy and as crazy as it sounds I feel as though he is my own. I have a little boy who looks like Coleman and my heart absolutely aches for the Larsons and the thought that they may lose their precious little boy. I can't get past this. I do find that I am so much more grateful of my own 3 kids but find it so incredibly unfair that this little boy is suffering like this. I feel heartbroken and wish I could do SOMETHING to help him. But all I can do is pray and believe me I do my fair share of that! My family thinks I'm crazy getting so wrapped up in this little boy.

Kirsten said...

Anonymous, I know what you mean. My husband thinks I am nuts to get involved with such depressing stuff but he doesn't get it. I do try to step back though and not let it cloud my life. We know we are lucky that our kids are healthy and we know that it could change but we still have to live, right? Try not to get too wrapped up, our number 1 priority is our own kids and we have to remember that they need us to be their parents as our best, not upset, and especially not always worried that something will happen to them. I'm sure even Peggy would say, pray for us but enjoy your children and your life! If you want to e-mail me the address is :-)