Tuesday, July 1


I have heard that the average size woman is about a size 12 or 14. Is this true? It would make me smack dab in the average range, but I think this number is false. I feel as though it has shrunk considerably, especially in the mother's of young children demographic. I go to different places with the kids - zoo's, park's, lakes, even dropping off at school, and I think that all of the other mothers look way smaller than me. It got me to thinking that the new "average" must have shrunk to maybe an 8, or a 10 at the most. Are all of these mothers out at the gym early each morning before their families wake up? Or do they not eat? I always feel as though everyone looks way cuter and way more together than myself. Or am I just delusional? Some days I think I look OK, and on others I look in the mirror and think I must have gained 22 pounds overnight.

I am tired today and am blaming it on the fact that I gave blood yesterday and my body must still be replenishing. Or maybe it is that we ran out of coffee and I didn't have any all day, and have been in a perpetual fog. Could I be that dependent on coffee? I think I might, because I had to actually lay down on the bed while Jack was in the tub tonight. I just lay there listening to him splash like crazy, knowing that he was getting water all over the floor, and I didn't even have the energy to go and stop him. No, it must be my lack of blood, my body just must be taking an extra long time making more. I am ashamed to say that I hadn't given since I was in high school, and we all know this was quite a few years ago. They didn't even still have me in their system! But the Red Cross was at a place that I drive by on my way home from work, and my mother-in-law had the kids, so I figured I would just pop in and give. Yes, I actually thought I would "pop" in. It turns out that people are way more generous with their blood than I thought and I had to wait almost an hour just for my turn. Luckily I passed all of the other tests, like that painful finger prick for iron, and I didn't have a temp. While I was there I saw about 4 people get rejected and they all looked pretty upset. I guess if I had gotten rejected I would have felt the same way. I mean, you hear all the time to give, give, give, greatest gift of life, blah blah blah and then to be there and actually be told, "no thanks, we really need blood, but not yours honey" would be pretty disheartening. Oh well, guess my blood is good . . . yay me.


Karen said...

Hi Kirsten!

I have a few comments!

#1 I honestly do believe that "average" is like a 12 or 14 or something. I truly do. Granted maybe I just WANT to believe that since I am generally a 10 or 1 2 (12 right now... all my clothes are tight! I hate it!) but if you really look at NORMAL people, not those emaciated waifs we all see, I truly believe the majority of people are "regular" or even heavy. I think in the overall scheme the teeny, tiny stick figure women just stand out more. JMHO no scientific evidence to back it up of course.

#2 I thought you looked fabulous when I saw you a few weeks ago! Really slim and your hair was so cute! My weight has fluctuated TREMENDOUSLY since I was about 23. I have gone up and down over 40 pounds several times. Sometimes with effort, sometimes without. It's crazy. I love to eat and don't truly want to be a skeleton. My husband always tells me he likes a little junk in the trunk, although maybe he's just being nice. :)

#3 How interesting that you gave blood the other day! That "jr. high best friend forever" bond must still carry a little weight because I donated on Saturday! :) I am one of the regular donors ever since my dad's heart attack in December 2006. He needed a zillion transfusions and I realized how incredibly lucky we were to have that blood available. Since then I have donated every 8 weeks on the dot. Frequently I am one of the ones turned away in shame because my iron is too low, but they let you come back the very next day. I recently got my 1st "Gallon" pin. It was kind of cool. :)

Kirst said...

Karen, congrats on all the blood girl! Good job. I am really going to try to give every couple of months too. It is such an easy and small thing to do that helps so much. And I can't believe you are a 10 or 12 at all, but if you say so, although I still don't believe you! My husband likes junk in the trunk too, it's hard because my family thinks I look great so sometimes the motivation isn't there, and motivation is what I am lacking. That and an extreme love of food! But personally I like to hang out with people who like to eat, it's no fun to go out with someone who drinks water & eats salad (I do have a friend like this and we usually don't involve our get-together's with food!) Thanks for reading!

Karen said...

What I always think is funny, is I was also a size 10 when I was in high school... yet I weighed, gosh, I was SKINNY. I weighed a lot less. I just wore my clothes crazily big and baggy back then. I wonder what size I really was...