Tuesday, July 29

Only Child

So, I've been down a child for over a day now. It's not like I misplaced one of them or anything, but my dad took Jack away to the lake for some quality Grampy time yesterday and will not be back until tonight. Actually, now that I started to write this post they will probably pull into the driveway any second. I forgot how nice it is to have one child. Don't get me wrong, I love Jack to bits and pieces but let's just say that he is my "demanding" child. I don't know if it is because he was first and got a lot of undivided attention as a baby, or if it's because he is a boy, or if it is because he is Jack. Probably a combination of everything, but whatever the reason it has been a nice break to just have Abbey alone. For example, yesterday afternoon we spent almost 45 minutes playing "hair salon" where I sat on the floor in her room and she put barrettes, clips and elastics in my hair while alternatively wetting a comb and brushing it. Then she put blueberry chapstick on my lips for a while. It was almost as relaxing as a real salon. Today we went to a Farmland with Suzy & the gang and I felt almost guilty for just having my 1 easy child while she chased after 3, but I adjusted. We had a really nice day and oh sh**, they actually did just pull up in the driveway. OK, easy over!

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Karen said...

That is so sweet that your dad took Jack for some Grampy Time! I bet your parents are the best grandparents! :)