Friday, July 4

Ooooh . . . Ahhhh

Fourth of July has always been one of my favorite Holidays, right after Christmas and Thanksgiving (because of all the eating, obviously). My birthday falls on the 5th, so the big celebrations and fireworks always seemed to be a little bit just for me. When I was younger I actually thought the fireworks were for me, but that was short lived. Now that I am slightly older the fourth is a bit different, but still fun. Sure, I am not sitting on a beach right now, sipping a beer and watching some fireworks with my honey, with only a sweatshirt and maybe a blanket to sit on. I am home, I just vacuumed, and need desperately to get my kids to bed because it is almost 10:00. Also, I am blogging which I can 100% say I have never done on the fourth before!

We took the kids to see fireworks last night. They loved them! Abbey couldn't stop saying that each and every one was her favorite, along with yelling out each and every color she saw. "Oooh, red, oooh green, oooh Jackie look, red again." Jack loved them too, although more in a cautious oh boy is he his mother's son kind of way. He kept remarking that the fireworks looked like they could be missiles from alien spaceships coming toward us to attack. He also kept asking where they were being set off, if it was far enough away that we wouldn't get burned from the falling ash, and what would happen it they didn't shoot into the air like they were supposed to. He also kept asking over and over again if it was the grand final. "Is this the grand finale?" We kept explaining that he would know the grand finale when it finally arrived, but he didn't believe us. "Is this the grand finale?" "Is this? Is this?" At one point Abbey looked at him and said "Jackie, don't say grand finale again." I think he would have enjoyed it more if he didn't have this constant anticipation of when the end would come, although at the end he proclaimed that it was awesome. The same thing happened during the parade we went to today. Instead of enjoying it fully, he kept asking if it was over. I knew that he wasn't asking because he was bored with it, I think he just has such a hard time with things ending, the end of anything, be it a parade, a fireworks display, or a playdate that he tries too hard to prepare himself for the end, and the truth is he is never prepared.

Now you had better prepare yourself because I am OFF on vacation tomorrow. To answer the question I know all you loyal readers are asking, no . . . I did not lose those 15 lbs. I did lose 2 though, and in my underachiever way I have come to terms with this. I am sure I will re-gain those 2 within day 1 of my vacation, but such is life. I will begin anew next week full of optimism and hope for the future shrinkage of my belly roll, filled to the brim with many hot dogs, cheeseburgers and Smirnoff Ice's. I will probably not have access to a computer for the week, which may cause me to have some withdrawal symptoms, but again, I will deal with it with hot dogs, cheeseburgers and Smirnoff Ice's! So Happy Fourth Of July to everyone and I'll catch ya on the flip side.

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Pamela said...

Happy vacation Kirt!!! Can't wait to read about it!