Tuesday, July 22

A Dry Spell

Maybe my kids have been super boring lately and my life just uneventful, or perhaps I am tired and my brain is not functioning properly, but I haven't had the energy to post lately. Even today I really don't have much to say. I will say that I am happy that it is still summer and we haven't officially entered into the routine of fall. I have said in the past that I am usually ready for summer to end by early August or so, and the same will probably be true this year, but I'm not there yet. I love routine, and by August the laid back lackadaisical non-structured world of summer has gotten to me and I am ready for normal bedtimes, activities and regular bath's to resume. I am ready for my children to be so tired from rising early in the morning that they fall asleep easily in their beds, rather than hemming & hawing and stalling for 1 more drink, 1 more story, 1 more snack because they are just starving to death and cannot possibly get through the night without sustenance. They have gotten so used to late nights from vacation or weekends that they just outright ask if they can watch just 1 more movie. Sure, it's like 9 pm but since it's summer why don't we throw in a 2-hour movie and you guys can just veg out all through the night. Can I get you some Coke to drink or perhaps some bars of chocolate with that?

Still, I'm not quite ready for full fledged routine to set in yet. This morning we had a little glimpse back into scheduled life, and it exhausted me. I'm like an athlete that is out of practice. Jack is in CCD Camp this week which runs from 9-3 every day. Just like school. He's been good about getting up and going but it involves prep work for me. Once again there is a backpack to pack and a lunch and snack to be made. And 2 days this week Abbey is going to Y camp with my mother which is another backpack to pack, lunch to be made. Then it is getting all 3 of us out the door early in the morning and everyone off to their respective destinations in time, and the reverse in the afternoon. Thank goodness for my parents living close and being such awesome help, I don't know how I would swing my life without them. How do people with no help pick up 2 children at exactly the same time 30 minutes apart from each other? I'm continually amazed how some mothers do this day in and day out, all year long. Picking up and dropping off and child care scheduling and phew, I'm tired just thinking about it!

Once again my admiration and respect goes out to you, you full-time working mothers of the world ~ have a drink, you deserve it!

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crazymommy said...

Thank you. I most certainly will have a drink!!! Maybe I will have two!