Monday, June 2

Birthday Party Madness

So, we went to a 4 year old birthday party this weekend, and it was just lovely (to use Abbey's "new" word . . . everything is lovely lately). Anyway, the kids had a blast. It was at a gymnastics place, so there was lots of running and tumbling and jumping, a great energy user. Then they had sugary cake and an abundance of water & juice (they worked up a thirst with all that running) and all is well. It is the same at every party. Kids are usually acting all normal, having a great time, and then boom . . .present time. Madness ensues!

I don't know what happens when it is time to open those presents. I am always amazed at how quickly the party becomes out of control. Kids start out sitting nicely on their bottoms, holding their respective presents, practically shaking with anticipation for when "their" present will be opened. Then, before the birthday child gets through unwrapping the first gift, they are on their feet. They are crowding in, practically crushing the birthday recipient to see what they got. Is it jealousy? I don't think so, sometimes you do hear the occasional "oh, I want one of those" but mostly they just want to see. They HAVE to see. They HAVE to know what is inside those delightful wonderful presents. Before you know it it looks like a mosh pit at a Godsmack concert, and you are just waiting for a child to get an elbow to the eye or a bloody lip.

So I wonder, at what age does this end? When do kids sit nicely and just watch their friend open their presents and say things like, "wow, cool this" or "hey, you wanted one of those, awesome!" When we go to say, a baby or wedding shower or something, we sit nicely and watch the presents get opened. Sure, I'm interested in what is in them, kind of. Mostly I like just sitting and drinking coffee and maybe having some cake (OK, definitely having some cake) and really don't care all that much about what is in the presents. Imagine grown woman circling a new bride-to-be, crushing her with their hair and elbows. "Wow, an electric frypan, lemmee see, lemmee see. . . . move over dammit, I can't see her new black lace teddy."

I suppose it would be nice to get that excited over gifts someone else was receiving . . . . nah, I'm still there for the cake.

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Rick said...

I turned 51 a while back. Everybody did the same thing at my party. So, I guess it never ends. Must be a birthday maddness of somekind.