Wednesday, June 11

Warning: Extreme Tempature Changes Ahead

Don't you love New England? Last Friday night it was 60 degrees, I remember I had a sweatshirt on. When we woke up Saturday it was 90, and it stayed that way until today. Finally, the heat wave has broken, but is it good for you body to go from such extremes? A more important question, is it good for your marriage?

In our house we always have a "battle of the thermostat" in the winter and a "battle of the air conditioner" in the summer. All winter long I keep sneaking the heat up, while my husband plummets it to temperatures appropriate for Eskimos. Sure, when we are asleep you can turn the heat down, but to under 60! The kids kick their blankets off all night and I spend half the night checking on them to make sure their lips aren't blue. It's the same thing with the air. The last few nights we have all slept in our bedroom, the only one with air. The kids are all set up on their blow-up beds on the floor and it is like a giant family slumber party. Woo hoo, party on. But in a small bedroom with the door closed and the air cranked it can get pretty downright chilly. I kept getting up and turning it to low, putting the kids fleece blankets back up over their cold bare arms, and my husband kept getting up and putting it back to high. He lays there under NO covers in his underwear and it still not cool enough? What kind of internal heater does this man have? Don't get me wrong, I prefer it to sweltering heat. When I was little I was in the hottest bedroom in the house (mom, you know it's true!) without a speck of air. Sweltering and sweating, tossing and turning in my daybed, certain I had a good case for child endangerment.

But I wonder, if divorce papers had the following option to check: __ severe incompatibility on household temperature control . . . would a lot of people check it?

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