Sunday, June 8

Oh Ye Relaxing Weekend

Whoever said that weekends were relaxing didn't have children. Even when you don't go anywhere and have an entire weekend "free" (like we did this weekend), mommies don't get to relax. A typical laid back summer day is work! Let us go over a "normal" hot summer day at home.

First, fill up the little pool, no too cold, let the hose warm up, fill up the water table, put the kids in bathing suits, wait. . . wait, lather them with sunscreen, bug spray, hat, don't forget some sort of shoes so you don't step on a rock or a bee, out you go with Daddy.

Take a breath.

Back in to the house, need special fishy thingy and Mermaid Barbies for pool, and cars, want a drink, when is lunch, can we eat outside? Make lunch, deliver outside, clean up lunch, get more drinks.

Take a breath, open up a Smirnoff Ice, take 1 sip, put it down, forget it until 2 hours later when you stumble across it again and it is warm.

Pool now too warm, fill with cold hose water, get out ring toss game, find missing water guns, bikes come out, want sneakers, need new dry clothes, re-apply sunscreen, cheer and say things like "good job, you are so fast on that bike."

Take a breath, open another Smirnoff Ice and drink half of it quick while you can.

Swimming again, into suits (no, not wet suits. . . gross, new dry suits), scoop millions of bugs out of pool, help fill water guns, get sprayed (good because you are frickin' sweating now) get more drinks.

The day goes on like this in a loop until dinner & tub and jammies are done. Now, you drink like 3 of those Smirnoff Ice's and go to bed because you are exhausted!

I did manage to break free and go with Suzy to see "Sex and the City" last night and have a couple of drinks. It was as good as the show, which I really liked. We didn't really care what we saw, hell, we were just glad to be out of the house!

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