Saturday, June 28

Gym Etiquette

What a cutie! This morning marked what I am sure will be the first of hundreds of events in smelly gyms that we will attend in our lifetime. Oh the wonder of tiny tot & preschool gymnastics. They fly through the air with the greatest of ease, doing flips and twists and somersaults. OK, maybe they only did somersaults, but they hopped and jumped damn good. And Abbey was the best in the preschool division, but of course I may be biased. She really seemed to lap up the crowd and didn't seem at all intimated that there were over 100 people watching her. OK, I am sure they were not all watching just her, but I was. Performers had to get there early, so my mother & I had plenty of time to get good seats on the bleachers. Of course, I then had to defend those spaces to the death, but all was well. Then a couple came in and needed to sit down in front of us. It was fine because she was carrying a baby in a sling and of course I will squish Jack up next to me and we will all move closer together, please nice woman sit down with your baby. But wait, when she sits down and opens up the sling it's not a baby at all. It's a dog! A DOG! A tiny little fluffy dog. At a gymnastics show? Really? So now her husband does not sit but continues to stand, blocking dozens of people's view as the show starts and talk LOUDLY with those sitting. Then the dog comes out of the sling and tries to run onto the performance and much laughing from their section ensues. Really honey, not funny. One of those nimble gymnast's could break an ankle on that fluffy little puff.

But aside from this rather rude and uncouth couple with their dog, the boiling tempatures rising in the gym, and Jack's mini-meltdown due to apparent extreme hunger, the show was great. Abbey was great. I am a proud mama!


Erin said...

Bravo Abbey! Congrats Proud Mama, your little gymnast is blossoming before your eyes, next thing you know she'll be at the Olympics!

Come on a dog in a sling, that's just wrong. People are interesting aren't they.

Thanks for brightening my day!

Karen said...

How cute she is! From the few photos I have seen it seems like she looks more like Dennis and Jack looks more like you...? What are your thoughts?

The dog lady sounds like an idiot.

Kirst said...

Everyone says that Jack is a mini-Dennis, but I don't really see it. I think they just look like them, and a hell of a lot cuter than I ever was!

Suzy said...

Can't wait to see my own little gymnasts on the mats!!
Way to go Abbs.