Thursday, June 12

Sleep Tight

How comfy does this look like to cuddle up to at night? My son has dozens of deliciously soft, plush stuffed animals, Webkinz and so on, and what does he choose to sleep with? Why, it's a wooden ship of course! It has the 3 main ingredients to help you drift into la la land. It's big, it's hard, and it has many pointy parts that can take your eye out at any time during the night. The ironic thing is that this is one of his most favorite toys, and Santa didn't bring it, and he didn't get it for his birthday. He found it in the basement at my in-laws house. I think it is supposed to be decorative, but whatever, it is what it is.

Oh well, as I've said before, whatever it takes to fall asleep. Perhaps we can try a chainsaw next.

1 comment:

Pamela said...

Damon slept with his sword for like a month...I feel you!