Monday, June 16

Morning Madness

Only 2 1/2 more days of school for us here. Finally, some time off from dragging Jack kicking and screaming out of his bed each morning and hurrying him through everything to make the bus on time. Is this a boy thing? Or are some people just predetermined to not be morning people? I am not essentially a morning person, but I got over it. Sure, I would rather be in bed, but I make myself get up, get moving and get things done because I have too. My husband is NOT a morning person in the way that you would tiptoe around a hibernating bear you stumbled across while looking for blueberries in the forest. Unless the house is on fire, I'm not even bothering to wake him up. Sure, some wives may want to stand over this sleeping husband holding a large kitchen knife and dreaming about stabbing them while they snore away amid screaming and yelling and children demanding food, drinks and activities, but I would never do that . . . really. I never have. I swear.

On the other hand, my daughter gets up and going pretty well, she brushes her teeth and gets dressed, and doesn't really fight it. But Jack. Once I finally do get him up amid screaming protests of "just 5 more minutes, 1 more minute" I then have to essentially follow him through his routine to make sure it gets done. If I hand him his toothbrush and leave the bathroom to say, tend to my own getting ready for work needs, I could come back 3 minutes later and he is just standing there. In a stupor, not brushing, not doing anything. It drives me crazy. If left to his own devices it would take him 10 minutes to pull on 1 sock! Arghghgh . . . of course, I'm sure on Thursday morning he will be up bright and early, because when there is no school to go to, kids seem to change their whole attitude about getting out of bed!

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