Friday, June 19

Blah Blah Blah

Ants, spiders, more ants, mosquitoes, beetles, moths, fly's, more ants and one tiny little green worm I found creeping along my bedroom floor. These are the bugs in my house right now. Yuck. I can't stand bugs and wonder why I live in the woods when I would be much rather suited for a condo in the city. Of course, they have their own bugs I'm sure, you can't escape them. If I moved into the heart of New York City with not a speck of grass or tree I would have rats and cockroaches, and I think those would be worse.

So Abbey and I are home today, no work and no activities. We are on about the 12th straight day of rain (minus Wednesday which was beautiful, the 1 day of the week). We were home yesterday too, so I got all my cleaning and laundry and shopping done. So far today I have gotten up and put Jack on the bus, gone out to breakfast, thrown in the last random load of whites, pulled out all the paint paraphernalia for Abbey and laid on the couch. I laid on the couch in the middle of the day. Granted it only lasted about 45 minutes, but still, delightful.

Now I am greatly looking forward to school being over. Jack still has 3 days of school next week before he is off for the summer, and at this point it just seems ridiculous that he is still going. Every morning he fights me to get out of bed, every night he wants to stay up just a little bit later. I am done too, sick of packing his backpack and lunches, scrounging for quarters for his milk money. Tired of rushing out of work and stressing about getting home in time to get him off the bus. We are all ready for a break. Until about August, then I will be itching to get us back on a routine and back to real life.

So I think this post was quite appropriately titled "blah blah blah" because it was just filled with blah blah blah. Sorry.


Amy said...

I'd call that the end of the school year blahs. Honestly, what is it about the end of the school year and everyone being so tired??

You would think we (the kids and I) would be excited about having a break, plus all the fun end-of-school year activities, that they would be up and at em and ready to get those days over with. Instead we are all dragging. Must be the weather.:(

Lindy said...

I love the end of the school year if for no other reason than I don't have to pack lunches, worry about missed newsletters and laundered clothes.