Monday, June 15

200 miles

I think that June is about the busiest month of the year, activity wise. Do you agree? There are a ton of cookouts, graduations, sports activities, recitals, concerts, weddings, and end of the year extravaganza's. It is an impossible month to diet in, there is just too much stuff going on, and most of this stuff involves eating and drinking things you really shouldn't. This weekend was no exception to the June rule, and yet again I wish I had a weekend to recover from the weekend. I feel as though I spent most of it in the van. It started Friday night with a baseball game 2 towns over. And these aren't little towns out here, where I live it takes a minimum of 20 minutes to get anywhere. On Saturday we went to a fun cookout an hour and a half away (although I have to say that the drive was worth it for the rice crispy treats alone). Sunday Jack had a birthday party over half an hour away and then another away baseball game, in another away town. By the time all was said and done last night I had driven 200 miles, a total of 6 hours spent inside our blue van, which would explain why the check engine light came on. It is just plain plumb tuckered out (to take a phrase from Amelia Bedelia).

Speaking of Amelia Bedelia, I think those books might be our new favorite. That Amelia Bedelia is so literal, it cracks us up. We only have one book right now, "Amelia Bedelia and the baby" and the kids LOVE it. She is a maid but in this book she has to go and babysit, and hilarity ensues. For example, on the mother's list of instructions it says "put the baby's bib on" so Amelia puts the bib on . . . herself. She puts the baby powder on . . . herself. During playtime the baby sits in her playpen and Amelia Bedelia plays with all her toys. Ahhh, Amelia. You are such a card.


CaitRenee said...

Amelia Bedelia rocks. And it was great seeing you guys in Springfield this weekend. The kids seem to have a great time, especially Abbey and Maddison. Thick as thieves! And way cuter!

Lindy said...

I didn't know Amelia Bedelia was still around. This is great news!