Tuesday, June 30

TV Time Out

On Sunday we went to a pool party to celebrate Jack's baseball teams, ummm, winning season. When it was time to leave the kids refused to get out of the pool. You know when your kids are swimming around in a pool, and you know you can't reach them, and they know you can't reach them, it creates an impossible situation. It was made even more impossible by the fact that there were about 50 people from town all around, most of which I barely know, so I didn't want to start screaming like a mad woman and threatening to beat them senseless. I knew we were in trouble though when Dennis handed me his cell phone. "I'm going in" he said, and in his eyes I saw a furious gleam that would surely end badly. My one last attempt, including the words "your father is coming in the pool to get you and then you're really going to get it!" finally did the trick, and they came out. Because of their, shall we say NOT listening yet again, they lost t.v., video games and computer play for the rest of that day. After the initial moaning, pouting, crying and wailing (mostly from Jack) they settled down to play outside. Ride their bikes, shoot the basketball, draw with chalk. Inside we played Candyland, and before an early bed had time to read 2 full books. Today while at the trailer supply store with me and their grandfather they did the same thing. When it was time to leave they started darting around the small store, thinking it was a great game that I couldn't catch them. I threatened the "no t.v., video games and computer" time out again, and they still didn't listen. Eventually of course they did leave the store, but too late. Television gone. Again there was moaning, crying and wailing (again, mostly from Jack) but this time it only lasted about half the amount of time as before. Since we've been home we have played outside, playing a great round of H.O.R.S.E. basketball (which I won). They played nicely while I made dinner, helped me set the table, and as I type this Jack is doing his maze book while Abbey paints watercolors in her Disney Princess book. They are sitting together at the little Cabbage Patch table, as content as can be. Neither of them have even mentioned watching television. It is so nice, it almost makes me want them to get into trouble at least 3 or 4 times a week. Naw, I think we will just be turning OFF the t.v. a hell of a lot more in this house. Apparently they needed an electronic break!

Of course there is one little downfall with this time out system, and that is that I have to spend a lot more time entertaining them. So far I haven't minded, although I am already wondering what the heck I am going to do in an hour when it's time to jump on my treadmill for 30 minutes. Wish me luck.

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