Tuesday, May 5

Underwear - Check!

Mommying, working, baseball, taekwondo, gymnastics, laundry, cooking, cleaning, dog-care, mommying (I know I mentioned it already but it takes up a lot of time) and packing. Phew, no wonder I haven't posted. Our house has been busy, but a good busy. Everyone seems healthy at the moment and I just knock on all the wood around me that it stays that way because we leave for our vacation on Saturday. Yes, after months of planning and counting down the days, we head off to Disneyworld just a mere few days away. Who would have thought that there would be a weird nationwide flu outbreak looming over our heads, but I'm just not thinking about that. I booked this trip back in October, so the wait has seemed quite

L - O - N - G!

Now it is zooming towards us and we are all so excited. As for me, I can't wait to NOT cook for a week. NOT clean for a week (Mousekeeping, you know I love ya!) and just hang out with Dennis and the kids without having to be running in different directions. Sure, we will be running towards Splash Mountain, or Peter Pan's Flight (my personal favorite) but we will be running TOGETHER. There will be no escape from each other for 7 days (uh-oh, seeing it written down makes me nervous).

We have to get to Saturday though, which involves a long week of work and school. I have clothes and miscellaneous items all over the dining room table, which is where I pack. I pack on the dining room table because my mother always did (and still does). No other reason. When I was growing up when we went away she always laid our clothes out and organized everything on the table, so I do too. Packing also lets me use my favorite skill, list making. I make lists of things to pack, things to buys, even what to pack for who. As I put things into bags I check them off, and for anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE to check things off of lists. Oh lists . . . . how I love to make lists . . . .

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Lindy said...

Yea!!! I would love to plan a trip to Disney World.

Have fun and show the swine it doesn't scare you!