Monday, May 18

Pictures Pictures and More Pictures

So what did we do? We picked the Contemporary baby. Nothing says magical vacation like a free upgrade. Unfortunately, now that we have stayed in a deluxe resort we will never again be able to mingle with the common folk at the regular hotels. Sorry, its deluxe for us from here on out!

It was so great, the beds were super comfy and the room was huge. We could see the monorail out the window as well as the tip of Cinderella's Castle. Definitely the right decision. My mom told me she read that the beds in the new Pirate rooms were super hard and uncomfortable anyway.

This picture is by far my most favorite of the entire trip. Check out Abbey's awestruck gaze at Prince Charming. He was quite handsome and charming, that's for sure! After he signed her book he gave her a kiss on the forehead and I thought she was going to melt into a puddle on the floor. He barely acknowledged Jack or Dennis or I, he only had eyes for the Princess.

I'm already planning our next trip in my head. I'm thinking Fall, 2012. I'm thinking the Polynesian. I'm thinking that maybe I will lose some weight and my thighs won't rub together quite so much in the heat!

Keep looking below for even more pictures from our vacation at the "Happiest Place on Earth"


Lindy said...

Ok - you had me at the "tip of Cinderella's castle" - I would've upgraded for that too seeing as though I have a 6 year old that could very well be a princess stalker.

I love the pics. How did your son like hanging with the princesses!?!?

Erin said...

Abbey getting to fight Darth Vadar was by far the coolest thing ever!!!

Pam said...

What great pics!! I'm thinking we should plan a WSC trip to Disney...hahha, in my dreams! I definitely have Disney on the brain need to pick your brain on travel stuff....hahaha.

Glad you had fun, and obviously the kids liked the upgrade ust fine. :)

Anonymous said...

AWESOME!! I was hoping you chose the upgrade.
And Pam's idea of a group trip sounds like a plan.
Carol B