Wednesday, April 29

Tweet Tweet

Do you Twitter? Do you Tweet? Do you know what I'm talking about? I really don't. Lately all I see EVERYWHERE is stuff about Twitter.

"Catch me on Twitter"

"Woman saved from suicide by Demi Moore on Twitter"

"Madonna has swine flu, according to Twitter"

"Find us here, on Twitter"

I mean, I blog. I feel pretty cool just doing that, but do I now have to supplement my blogging with twittering? These words are just crazy. I do like that word "twitter" better than "blog." "Blog" sounds like a weird animal that lives in a muddy swamp, while "twitter" sounds like a fun and light bird type action that makes you happy. I have to admit I am completely clueless about this whole thing. I'm not really that surprised, considering it took me about a year to catch up with the rest of the world regarding the whole Facebook thing. But this Twitter intrigues me. Is this something you do on the computer? I get the feeling it is something that is done from a cell phone, but am quite certain my phone does not have any "twittering" applications. Or does it?

As a side note, I just spell checked this post and the words "twitter" and "blog" were NOT considered misspellings, leading me to think that they are so popular that they have been accepted into the land of computer dictionaries. Facebook on the other hand was totally flagged, as was "intrigues," although that is just because that is a hard word to spell and I spelled it wrong.


Amy said...

I'm with you, Kirsten. When you find out, could you fill me in? We don't even do Facebook, so you're one, no make that two(because your a blogger) ahead of the game compared to me.

Lindy said...

I twitter but not to the extreme of others, I think.

I added it to my blog as one more way to connect to it and I update from my computer and my cell phone.

It is "just one more thing though" that I have to remember to keep updated....ugh.

Laurie said...

I must admit I don't know what it means to twitter. I joined FB after you as well. I've always been a bit behind technology. Understatement.