Friday, May 22

A Camping We Will Go

Just in case this title misled anyone I should explain that when I say camping, I actually mean staying in my parents trailer with electricity, running water, AC, t.v., and a lovely if somewhat teeny tiny bathroom. Tomorrow we are off for the Memorial Day weekend,and we are very excited. It has been about 8 months since we were there and we have all missed it, especially the kids. Memorial Day is supposed to mark the beginning of summer, but with another 5 weeks of school left for Jack, it still doesn't feel too summery. Getting away to the trailer will really make me feel like summer is starting. I also get to start wearing open toed shoes to work, so woo hoo to that! The ability to wear sandals just breaks my work wardrobe choices wide open. I'm just happy that campground time is here, the time when we can head into the woods for family fun and togetherness. And you do understand that by togetherness I mean 7 people sharing one aforementioned teeny tiny bathroom?


Jen said...

OMG! 5 more weeks of school! And here I am complaining that mine are in school until June 5. Today would have been our last day if there had been no storms this year!

Lindy said...

This kind of camping I could possibly handle....possibly.

Pam said...

Watch out for ticks, they're out full force this year (as I'm sure they are every year, but STILL!)

We went to the beach for the nice to get away, isn't it? And I started wearing my open toed shoes a little early this year....if you can call flip flops 'open toed' LOL!