Thursday, May 7


Yup, I'm ready for our vacation. Today was a really crappy day. It started off with a call from the car rental company, we'll call them ENTERPRISE because I do not feel the need to protect them in the least. I returned the rental car yesterday that I had been driving for 10 days while the van was having the ice storm from hell damage of 5 months ago fixed. They "claim" that when they picked it up that there were scratches all over the bumper. Well that is BULL because when I left it I didn't see any scratches. This means that either (a) someone hit me and I never noticed it, or (b) it happened after I dropped it off at the body shop and before they got there to pick it up. Either way, they assure me that it is my responsibility. Grrrr. I was stressed all day, but after 6 calls to my insurance company I guess I just have to let it go. It will be investigated, there are adjustor's and agents on the case, and it is out of my hands. But my day only got better. Tonight when I went to take the Cheesy Chicken and Rice casserole out of the oven it slipped and flipped over, dumping out inside the oven, smoking and burning. Jack was at the table doing his homework and you would have thought it was him burning in the oven. "Nooooooooo" he yelled. "Not the cheesy chicken and rice!" Can you tell that my son likes to eat? Abbey was in the den and came running in after hearing the screams. "Oh no, what are we going to eat for dinner?" Panic Panic Panic. Please, settle down kids. Just don't mind me as I scrape a bit of this chicken up off the oven door, and oh yes, there is plenty of rice left in the dish for your dinner. Yup, good as new. They actually ate it with vigor and told me it was the best cheesy chicken and rice yet. Then off to the baseball field we headed for Jack's practice. The rain held out until we pulled into the parking lot. By then I knew practice would be cancelled, but it was too late to wrangle the kids back into the car, they had already sprinted into the playground where they proceeded to get drenched in their decidedly un-waterproof but still adorable Lands End windbreakers. Hmmm, I guess the name should have tipped me off that they are not for rain but are for, what else, duh, wind.

Oh, when we got home I did clean out the oven. I picked out all the bits of rice and chicken, and I then proceeded to spray it all over the inside with my Easy Off Oven Cleaner, noticing when I was done that I had mistakenly used the Easy Off Window cleaner. I then had to clean that out, and re-spray it with the oven cleaner. After that I just shut the oven door, I'll deal with it tomorrow. Either way, I'm not using that damn oven until we get back from Disney.


Jen said...

Well, a day like that only happens to make sure you TRULY enjoy vacation! I'm excited for you guys! Have Jack and Abby been to Disney before? What fun! Can't wait for updates and pics. Have a great time! :)

Pam said...

You make me laugh! Hope you're having fun in Disney & enjoying your 'Mousekeeping' to the fullest!