Wednesday, May 20

Mind Reader

Can you read minds? Well if you are a mom you are thoroughly expected to. Abbey especially thinks I am a superhero mind-reading psychic. Most of the time when we are in the car together she likes to sing songs. The problem is that she wants me to sing songs with her that she is making up on the spot. "Sing with me mommy" she yells as she warbles nonsensical words in a string to an ever changing tune. When I don't jump right in with the correct words she gets completely frustrated and upset with me. "No mommy, those aren't the right words, sing the right words." I tried to explain to her that I don't know the words and perhaps she could teach me the words first, and then we could sing together but that doesn't seem to work either. She doesn't understand why I don't just "know" the words already. Usually she doesn't know the words either and is just making them up, and that tends to make a sing-a-long a little difficult. Yesterday she was singing this little Christmas ditty she invented.

I wish it was Merry Christmas
I wish it was Merry Christmas
I wish it was Merry Christmas
All through the year

Once I got the words down we sang it together about 18 times. But just knowing the words was not enough. I had to know how loud to sing it. Or soft. She kept changing which lines were loud, which were soft. "No mommy, that's too loud. Sing it softer. Not that part, sing that part loud. No, you're doing it wrong."

Ummm, OK. Sorry honey.


Lindy said...

What is it with our kids singing Christmas songs in May? My daughter has been singing Rocking Around the Christmas Tree for's like they are all in countdown mode!

Jen said...

Well, you better figure it out Mom!

Pam said...

I think you're family should be a are never dull!!!

And I'd love to see the car sing-alongs as an episode!!!

Hahhaa, thanks for making me smile. : )