Monday, April 6

Bad Driver Award

We had a nice weekend. Besides the usual yard work and laundry we took the kids to see Monsters vs. Aliens and out for pizza Saturday night. The movie was OK. I would give it a solid 6 on a scale of 1 - 10. Jack liked it, Abbey actually fell asleep and so did Dennis. Nice. I just kept looking over at them snoozing and thinking, "hello, we paid $10 for you two, WAKE UP!" I think it may be better in 3D, but our theatre only offered it in 2D. I found the "2D" description ridiculous. 2D is just regular viewing. Why say anything at all. Or maybe put "NOT in 3D" instead of making you think you were going to get a new cinematic experience seeing a movie in "2D". Sunday my mother took both the kids to see Disney on Ice which they loved, and I loved having a morning child-free to work around the yard. We still have quite a bit of cleanup from the ice storm from Hell and we are hosting Easter in a week so I'd like to yard to be somewhat tidy. My dad came out and put the handles onto my cabinets. Go dad! Then Jack had his very first baseball practice. So it was a busy weekend, not exactly relaxing in any sense but are any weekends relaxing when you have kids?

So all is well and Monday morning hits and what do I go and do? Something totally stupid. Jack was being slow as usual and the bus drove by. I told him I would just drive him (I go right by the school on the way to work anyway) but he insisted he wanted to ride the bus. "We can catch it mommy, come on, hurry" so out we ran and jumped into the van. The windows were a little big fogged over but whatever, we had to go. I threw it in reverse and heard the horrible screeching scraping sound of car against car. I had completely scraped the side of Dennis' Subaru with the van. The same Subaru that recently spent 1 MONTH in the shop getting repaired from ice storm damage. The same Subaru that had a shiny and new paint job. Yes, that Subaru. Not so shiny and new anymore. I pulled this exact same thing years ago. I was 16 and newly licensed and jumped into the car, threw it in reverse and completely scraped up the side of our friends car. To protect their privacy, lets call them, the family that lives in a House on the Hill. That time I didn't even realize what I had done. I actually thought I had scraped against the bushes on the side of the driveway. Oh well, I guess I'm not going to win any good driver awards this month.


Jen said...

I'm in contention for that award as well! If you recall, I backed into the garbage can and dented the truck!

The Bad Driver's Oath

"We promise to never look behind us when backing out of the driveway. We promise to never let the car heat up the appropriate amount of time. We promise to ignore all flashy warning thingys on the dashboard..."

Pam said...

Oh Man!!! At least it's only scratches, not huge dents or anything....and you're all OK. : )


Erin said...

(Teeth clenched)...I can hear that...Ouch

I was with Jenna one day making a tight turn through the DD drive through in her shiny new-to-her Navigator and "sccrrrrrape" against the corner of the buliding.
Same thing, teeth clenched, and no talking for a few minutes.
Ahhh coffee.

It's just paint, have a coffee.