Tuesday, April 21

My Firstborn is 7!

Jack turned 7 today. I can't believe it. I can't believe it has been 7 years and 3 weeks since I was put on bed rest. Ahhhh, bed rest. So nice. It was most likely the last time I actually got any rest at all. I remember I was so excited to become a mother, it was something I felt like I was born to do. Unlike calculus or say, baking cakes.

Happy Birthday Baby!


Lindy said...

My daughter is going to be 7 this year and doesn't 7 just feel old? I mean, 5 was ok, 6 was kindof ok, BUT 7?!?!?

I love the calculus comment, I just did a post today about my math problems.

Pam said...


Time does fly...I remember visiting you, on Holden St, just after little Jack came into the world, so tiny, so new, and SO adorable. Now he's a giant 'boy'... BOY!!

Funny how that happens...

BTW - where'd you go to celebrate? Jack's dessert looks spectacular....YUM!