Tuesday, April 7

Tired and Cranky

Do you ever just dislike your children? Or one child in particular? Today Jack has really been pushing my buttons and annoying me. As soon as he got off the bus it started. He didn't want to bring the trash barrel down the driveway (which is like his only damn chore and he does it every week), whine whine whine. He didn't want to stop playing with the Star Wars people strewn all over the den to get ready for taekwondo. Whine whine whine. Then we get to taekwondo and he is obnoxious there. Not listening. Picking his nose INCESSANTLY. Why? Why must you pick Jack? It's disgusting and embarrassing and downright gross. So stop it please. Of course, I am watching from the sidelines while he just picks away and am trying to will him with my mind power to make him stop, which never works. The only saving grace was that his teacher, an extremely tough guy who is referred to as "sir" was out today, having a colonoscopy. His daughter who is equally tough and I believe on her way to the Olympics for taekwondo or something was filling in and really didn't garnish the respect usually reserved for sir himself. When we got home the whining just continued. "I'm hungry, I want cheezits" and then I had to call him 4 times to come to the table for dinner which was also annoying because he was so damn starving 20 minutes earlier, and now he's not listening to me. After dinner it was homework time and that was a nightmare as well and like pulling teeth. But Abbey was a sweetheart today of course. I've noticed that when Jack is being especially obnoxious Abbey takes that opportunity to be extra sweet. Saying "please" and "thank you." "This is a very good supper mommy" "thank you for putting my Barbie's dress on" "I love you mommy." I'm sure tomorrow she will be a pain and Jack will be angelic. Well . . . maybe not tomorrow. . . since he hasn't exactly been angelic since he was at least 4. But maybe sometime soon. But now it's bedtime and I've had enough. I am just ready for them to go to sleep and then I am just going to bed. I'm cranky and tired and annoyed. Goodnight.


MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Kirsten--we should hang out together and you can be tired and cranky and I'll be the crabby ass bitch! We are so on the same wavelength with LIFE. UGH! Thanks for making me feel a bit less alone with this post.

ANd yeah, my word verification is FORKI, as in PUT A FORKI IN IT, I'M DONE!

And seriously, it' is 7:55 and I think I'm starting to get sick, just in time for my vaca next week. Hubby is not home. I am going to bed and telling the kids to put themselves to bed, dammit! Ha.

Feel better soon! xo

Jen said...

So is the tired and cranky one you or Jack? And yes, I sometimes, dislike my children, too! Some days it's just the boys, some days only the girls and some days all four of them are just plain MEAN. That is a Jose Cuervo Gold night!

Pam said...

I can SO relate to you w/the whining, it drives me crazy.

I hope 'angelic' Jack appears soon to accompany his angel sister.... and that she doesn't turn to the dark side when the transition occurs.