Wednesday, July 29

Just Call Me Mrs. Weasley

In recent months I have spent a little bit of time on Facebook, much of the time taking useless and random quizzes. I wondered when all layed out what Facebook quizzes say about me. Let's take a look, shall we?

In the Facts of Life I would be Mrs. Garrett
My Spell of choice is to Stupify
If I were a Death Eater I would be Lucius Malfoy
If I were an Entourage character I would be Vincent Chase
I should marry Ron Weasley
Ironically, my Harry Potter Character is also Ron Weasley
My Hogwarts House is Hufflepuff
My Hippie Name is Freedom Daisy Sunshine
If I were an 80's Toy I would be a Lite Brite
If I were a Star Wars Character I would be Luke Skywalker
If I were a Billy Mays (R.I.P.) product I would be the City Sliders (hamburger makers?)
If I were a 90's sitcom I would be Boy Meets World
If I were a Muppet I would be Scooter
If I were a Random Object I would be a slice of American cheese
My aura is blue
In a past life I was a Jester
In a horror movie I am the besieged protagonist, watching all my family and friends get killed off but surviving
I should live in Maine, but when I go camping I should stay in a travel trailer or 5th wheeler
I would survive 5 minutes in the Ghetto and 5 minutes in an alien invasion
I am 42% crazy, 15% bitchy, and 100% girly
Facebook deems that my life is "Average" and that in a movie about it Debra Messing should play me

Finally, I am 79% addicted to Facebook


Erin said...

Maybe if you weren't 79% addicted to facebook you'd have more time to participate in life hence the answer to the blog or not to blog, you'd have way more inspirational idea's on what to blog about! Facebook is sucking your brain! Whip out your light saber and sever your ties to your FB account! The glory is gone, the snooping high has worn off, now you are doing useless your self!

May the Force be with you, Luke.

Kirsten said...

Yikes Dunk, I think we need to do an intervention on YOU and get you ON Facebook!! Come on, join the dark side. You'll like it . . .

Lindy said...

Wow - I didn't realize Facebook offered such an array of quizzes.

Jen said...

I love Facebook! Actually, I hate Facebook! I resisted joining, but reluctantly did so to get in touch with old friends...and stay in touch with new friends! Then someone asked me to be their neighbor in Farmville. I naively said yes. Now I have a farm with 2 horses, 1 cow, a goat, three ducks and some rabbits to care for. It's so dumb! But so addicting! BTW...did you get my Farmville neighbor request on Facebook?

Kirsten said...

Ha Ha Jen, I draw the line at having to care for imaginary farm animals! But I understand how you would have to try to drag me down with you . . . . :-)