Thursday, July 16

Guardian Angels Do Exist

Do you believe in guardian angels? I do. I've always felt that everyone has someone looking out for them, and that each individual has their own personal angel just for them. I'm not positive but according to my few interactions with the Ouija Board in college my own guardian angel has the initials XB, and is a young girl. If you didn't believe in guardian angels before it is hard not to after reading this story out of Canada. A 3 year old boy wandered away from his family's campsite, taking his ride-along toy fire truck with him. He somehow took it into the river and rode it for 8 miles, over 2 hours, down the river before being discovered by a boater out searching. He had on NO life jacket and was completely UNHARMED. 2 hours! Floating down a river on a toy truck. It is unbelievable that he never fell in or hit a rock. Now, I am pretty sure that little boy, yup, he has a guardian angel.


Lindy said...

Totally believe in Guardian Angels, although I think mine is in the union and takes all the required breaks. :)

Jen said...

Did you notice it was the Peace river

Kirsten said...

oooh, I did NOT notice that Jen. But of course it was!